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Coarse Wire Mesh

Coarse Wire Mesh is a fence or an obstruction that prevents access and movement. It is made up of pre-crimped carbon steel, spring steel, stainless steel, galvanized mil steel wires or connected strands of fiber or other flexible materials and appears like a net or web possessing woven strands. It is used in various industries such as cement, mining, metallurgy, etc, for different applications like stone crushers, machinery belt guards, coal feeders and component trays. To suit diverse requirements of the customers, our exquisitely designed Coarse metal wire mesh is available in different sizes, shapes (rectangle or square), thicknesses and finishing (woven or with edge preparation).

Apertures : 4mm and greater, square or rectangular.
Finish : As woven or with edge preparation.
Construction : Woven from pre-crimped wires.
Materials : Carbon steel / Spring steel / Galv mild steel / Stainless steel.
Applications : Cement Industry. : Stone crushers. : Coal feeders. : Machinery Belt guards. : Component trays.

Common Aperture widths (mm) General Wire diameter (mm)
4x4 2
6x6 2.5
10x10 3
12x12 4
16x16 4
19x19 5
22x22 5
25x25 6
40x40 6
50x50 7