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The offered range of Filters provides a superior functionality with its extremely adaptable and long lasting material. It is a collection of finely knitted wire mesh that is formed by interlocking strands of stainless steel or carbon steel. The metal used to form these wired mesh have outstanding strength and resiliency which allows it to pliable and maintain its flexibility. These wire mesh solutions are engineered in a manner that emphasizes a great deal on compression strength. Further, these Filters can conform to any shape, size and density requirements of several industries and fulfil specific requirements of the clients. Moreover, the physical characteristics of the filters can be customized and changed to meet any specific operating environment necessity of the industry.

Key Features:
» An interlocking-loop pattern for extra strength.
» High flexibility that allows the mesh element to be compressed, stretched and bent.
» Protective coating on the wire to prevent corrosion from rust and acid.
» Excellent Mechanical and Physical characteristics of the metal used.