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Welded Mesh

Welded Mesh is made from single or double wire off stainless steel that has been woven to form a flexible wire mesh that contains interweaved knots or loops for a fine structure that is similar to stockings or sweater. This particular interlocking of wires imparts a high tensile strength to the mesh and provides the required flexibility. The loops can move in a relative motion to each other without impairing the structure of mesh and giving it a two-way stretch. It can be used in a multitude of applications in several industries, majorly construction. The stainless steel used for the fabrication of Welded Mesh imparts excellent corrosion resistance, alkali and acid resistance along with heat resistance.

Main Features
» Flexible, Removable and Reusable metallic mesh.
» Can withstand extreme temperatures or corrosive environments.
» Serves as a filter for dust in heating and ventilation systems.
» Long Service life and temperature resistant.