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Multilayer Cylindrical Screen

Multilayer Cylindrical Screen are also known as candle filters, where this screen is used as a multilayer film at lamination plants that has edges welded in a manner that offers long lasting strength. They are gathered in proper lapping to eliminate operator error on being used. The greatest benefit of this wired mesh is that it can be cleaned easily and is reusable in nature. The wires in the screen have been coated with material that imparts corrosion resistance and prevents from reacting with acids. Due to its resistance to thermal expansion, it is extensively used in electrical and automobile industries. This Multilayer Cylindrical Screen can be availed for various other lamination & multilayer film plants as per the required dimensions.

Key Features:
» Durable plastic coating on the wires for protection against water and air.
» Made from superior quality of stainless steel or carbon steel.
» Diameter: 1-40 inch (20-1000 mm).
» Longer service life.