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Multilayer Circular Screen

Multilayer Circular Screen is made from superior quality of rust proof metals and alloys that makes a finely knitted mesh in circular structure. This screen can be fitted over vents and openings to offer protection from contamination from any foreign particle from outside. It is very helpful in industries where a molten mass needs to be processed without getting mixed with impurities in the extrusion process. It has a metallic framing around the edges to provide the strength and durability that is required by this screen to last longer and fit well. Further, this Multilayer Circular Screen is available in any size and combination of meshes as per your requirements.

Key Features:
» Can be assembled in packs to eliminate operator error.
» Very strong, sturdy and ideal for problem free filtering.
» High durability along with physical as well as chemical resistance.
» Largely used at pet recycling, BOPP film plants, and non-woven fabric plants